Our Review of the iKlip Grip Pro from IK Multimedia

iklip-grip-pro-3I have reviewed IK Multimedia products before, and I will have to say they make some very interesting products for iDevices. This particular iKlip Grip Pro is one of the most unique, as it can do a lot of things.

At this point, I feel that I have to create a new category for what this product does. I’ll just say what the website says:

iKlip Grip Pro is the new large-grip, compact multifunctional iPhone and camera stand with an integrated detachable Bluetooth shutter control that is really 4 accessories in one: super secure tabletop tripod, large-grip video handle, monopod handle and standard tripod adapter. iKlip Grip Pro can securely hold any iPhone with or without a case, and features a standard mounting system for connecting small mobile video cameras like GoPro®, compact digital cameras and stand-mount audio field recorders.

Normally, I don’t put a lot of stuff in blockquote, so I’ll go into the four accessories one at a time. You can see that there is a grip that is ergonomic, and you can attach a Bluetooth smartphone shutter remote with a click. This allows you to put your iPhone on a stick.

iklip-grip-pro-2So how do you mount your iPhone on this thing? Well, you need to use this thing that allows you to screw it on with a spring-loaded clip. I am told that this will hold any type of iPhone, but could it hold any other type of smartphone? Seriously, I don’t know.

Once your iPhone is mounted, you can take photos and videos, and, as you can see, in this photo to the left, you can extend this thing up to 62 centimeters for a super selfie stick. It locks in place, and you can also pivot the iPhone at the end of the stick in a 90 degree angle adjustment with 360 degree rotation capability.

By the way, this is a good time to talk about how it can not only hold the iPhone spring-loaded clip, it has that standard mounting system for connecting GoPro or other small mobile video cameras, not to mention other cameras as well.

iklip-grip-pro-1Okay, now it is time to discuss its next ability. That particular ergonomic stick can actually fold out into three places, which makes it into a tripod.

So, if you want to take some pictures of yourself (or something else), you can use this tripod to get the perfect shot. The only problem is that it took me a while to figure out how to get that tripod to separate. Seriously, it requires extending the selfie stick completely, and then you can spread the legs apart. You know, I cannot stand how that sounds, and I’m just going to forget about it.

Anyway, if you want to get in on this cool tool, then you can head to the IK Multimedia site and lay down $59.99 for the iKlip Grip Pro.

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