PhoneSuit Elite 6 PRO Battery Case for the iPhone 6/6S

Phonesuit Elite 6 PROIt has been a while since I reviewed a PhoneSuit product, and one of things that I reviewed was the PhoneSuit Elite Battery case for the iPhone 5. This time, I am reviewing the PhoneSuit Elite 6 PRO Battery Case Series, the next step up.

This is one of those battery cases, which we are not a stranger to, and chance are, you are not either. Not only is it a case that gives you more protection (Military Standard 810G), but some power as well. In this case, it is good enough for 130 percent, and the case charges via micro USB.

If you know that, then you know that these mobile battery cases usually have some indicator lights to show how much power is on them. Most of the time it is four, but in this case, it is five. What is interesting is how to access it. You can tough on side for 1 second to check it, and if you want to put juice on your phone, touch both the left and right side for 3 seconds. That part is actually pretty neat.

The biggest issue with these products is that each corner, curve, seam, and opening has some ergonomic foam to them. There isn’t a lot of real estate taken up with this case/battery, and that is always a good thing.

Should this sound good for you, you can get it on the PhoneSuit site for about $89.95.

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