SEIDIO LUMA Case makes the iPhone Glow!

LumaSEIDIO has put out a lot of terrific products in the past, and I had a chance to try out the LUMA cases. I have to admit that the LUMA could just be another case, but as my title says, it makes the iPhone glow.

Just to let you know, that “makes the iPhone glow” isn’t an official tagline of the product, but it probably should be. What happens is that you have to go into your Settings of the iPhone so that a notification will cause the device’s LED camera flash. Not only will it glow, but you can use five color plates like white, green, yellow, blue, and red.

So, what you have here is have: a case that will glow with notification. You also have a little bit of protection for your iPhone. You should be able purchase the LUMA case for the iPhone 6/6S here, and the case for the iPhone 6/6S Plus here. The price is about $29.95 for each of them.

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