Toast Wood Cover for the iPhone 7

toastI have written about Toast products before, as they have products from Portland and they love to put birds on them. Of course, there is a great products for the iPhone 7.

Unlike other cases, that are usually a huge plastic chunk that you shove your iPhone in, this is a cover that you can stick on. It comes with some interesting adhesive that requires some extra if you have the model in black. Yes, the company told me that, and I am going to make a point of it here.

So yes, you have to get the adhesive on right the first time, but you can put it in deep ebony, robust walnut, and pale ash. By the way, you can get them custom engraved.

In addition to the back cover, you can cover the front as well. You can find the front cover here for $10.00, and you can find the back one here for $34.00.

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