VYSK Privacy Case and EP1

Vysk privacy caseIf you have never heard of VYSK before, but you might want to write it down somewhere as they are good protectors of smartphones. For example, I had a chance to try out the VYSK Privacy Case, and they promise not only physical protection, but protection against being hacked.

Yeah, after what happened to Sony, we have all feared that word. The Privacy Case is made to send and receive text messages thanks to the Vysk Private Text application, allowing you, the user, to have end-to-end encryption for texts. It also has the Private Gallery Application, which allows the user to store photos and videos in an encrypted, password protected gallery even if you back it up to the iCloud.

VYSK ep1Then there is the EP1, which has a lot of the features of the Privacy Case like the encrypted texts and photos. What really makes the features shine is that the EP1 has a battery, giving the phone double the battery life with a rechargeable 2,200 mAh lithium ion battery.

I forgot to mention that both the EP1 and the Privacy Case has “an innovative camera shutter”, to cover up the camera lens with the flick of a switch. This helps you protect yourself from “prying eyes”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw more products like the VYSK in the future. When I visited their booth at CES, they said that it was good enough to protect against the NSA. Yeah, they said that.

You can get the Privacy Case for the iPhone 6 for about $39.99 on the VYSK site, and then the EP1 is for the iPhone 5/5S for about $119.99 on the VYSK site, with an iPhone 6 coming soon.

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