Whoosh3D Tempered 3D Lens

whoosh3d-screen-protectorI will have to say that this is one article that I might need rewrite, but it is something that I am surprised has not really taken off. It is about the Whoosh 3D, a screen protector for the iPhone, and it soon will be available for other products as well.

You heard me right, I said 3D. Remember 7 years ago when Avatar was really popular, and audiences were so impressed by its 3D nature? I will have to admit, the film might only be mediocre and the story is unoriginal, but at least the 3D sucked people in. After that, every film had to have a 3D option, and it was thought that this would affect the smartphone and tablet business.

HTC tried to capitalize on the 3D fad back in 2011 when they released the HTC EVO 3D, and it was able to show things in 3D. Why did this not take off? Why doesn’t every Apple, Android, or Windows phone have this capability.

This is where Whoosh3D comes in. This Whoosh3D is a tempered 3D lens that has high optical transparency and can make a smartphone into a 3D viewer. I had my first chance to see this technology at CES last January, and the reason why I am hesitant to report on it is because it is difficult to describe. It takes

The Whoosh 3D is able to have some serious depth control so you can watch a lot of videos with a 3D option. You can go 2D if you really want to, but who can refuse creating your own 2D videos and turn them into 3D that is glasses-free.

I am told that you can get the Whoosh 3D for smartphones for about $29.99-$34.99, and I am told it can be purchased for tablets for $59.99. The 3D app is free, and you can get more information about it here.

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