X-Doria Double Take: The Dash Icon and more for the iPhone 5/5S

415293_-_Dash_Icon_for_iPhone_5S_-_Modern_Plaid_-_Back_1024x1024In case you are wondering why I am calling this article “X-Doria double take”, it is because I have been reporting on them a lot these days. It was the Engage and SmartJacket last week, and the Rapt and Spots as well as the Defense 720 and Scene Plus before that. Since I have just received more, I felt that I should report on them, more.

Yes, I have received the Rapt, Defense 720, and Scene Plus for the iPhone 5C before, and you can read all about it in the aforementioned links. I received those models for the iPhone 5/5S, and there isn’t much that I can say about them that I haven’t said before.

There is only one case that I have left out, and that is the X-Doria Dash Icon, which you can see in the image. As you can see, it has a cool iconic plaid look to it, like a Scottish kilt. In fact, the material feels like some rough fabric with rough threads. I would say that it is different then most iPhone case material, but I cannot say how. Still, it feels pretty different to me, and different is always good.

The interior also feels soft and textured, and should keep the iPhone 5/5S pretty safe. By the way, the exterior comes in more than just the plaid design that you see here. You can get it on the X-Doria site for about $34.99.

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