Dexmo Exoskeleton allows the user to “touch” VR items

DexmoIn case you are wondering what you are seeing here is not some device that you hook up to your hand and forces you to type. I’m not looking forward to the dystopian world where that exists, but I’m not certain whether or not a work with the Dexmo Exoskeleton by Dexta Technologies will be a perfect utopia.

The Dexmo Exoskeleton is designed to track the position of your fingers and wrists, and then stops their movement when you are about to grab a virtual object. That is right, my friends, this is the device you have been waiting for, as it allows you to feel what exists in a virtual world. I suppose that those who want the VR of the Oculus Rift are really going to love this particular product.

In case you get too excited about this new technology, then you should know that it is somewhat limited. Apparently, it only works on the thumb and index finger, so you can pinch something in a virtual world, but you cannot feel it with all fingers. It actually doesn’t surprise me that this technology has limits, because in all honesty, I think we want something more. You might think it is great to pinch things in your game, but you are going to want to touch on all places on your skin. That’s right, we aren’t going to be satisfied until we have perfect replication of the technology of The Matrix.

If you want to get in on this technology, it is selling cheap at just $65 per pledge on its Kickstarter site, with a more complete version going at $159. I think it has a chance to hit its financial goals, so we will see how much of a “game-changer” this is.


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