Hendo Hoverboard: It looks true

hendo21betaA while ago there was a video of a hoverboard, and it looked exactly like the one we have been craving for since Back to the Future II. You can see the video here, and I remember thinking it odd that someone would make a video like that and get Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown himself).

It would appear that some company known as Hendo has created an actual hoverboard, and it actually looks legit. This is actually a Kickstarter project, and it doesn’t look like its backers will get Marty McFly’s pink hoverboard, but they will get the technology to make things float with what is called a Whitebox developer kit.

I believe that the proof is in the pudding, and it would appear that this pudding was proven on Engadget, a pretty cool tech and gadget blog that I have Sourced many times. It goes on to say that you won’t have enough control over this floating thing, but hey, it is a hoverboard, and it arrived by the predicted Back to the Future II date of 2015.

The issue that I’m having with this hover technology is that it feels wasted on boards. Can we use this on a hovercar or something? Something tells me this is what the designers want, and set hovering technology free so that we will not live in a land of wheels anymore.


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