HP’s Sprout PC is loaded with features

HP SproutEvery once in a while, I see a review of a product that I may never get a chance to try myself, and today it is the Sprout PC. It is a one-piece PC that could easily create a standard.

Sprout is a 23-inch touchscreen that has Windows 8.1, 8 gigabytes of memory, and a terabyte hard drive. In addition to the wireless mouse and keyboard, it has a 20-inch mat. The mat locks with the touchscreen and it is an extension of the touchscreen.

Why is that important? Maybe it is because the Sprout has a projector that can shine on the mat so you can use it as a touchscreen. The mat can be used as a scanner, and there is even an attachment to make this a 3-D scanner as well. Then there is a stylus and lots of apps.

Now, this was a review from David Pogue, who is a famous gadget reviewer. He says that “in its 1.0 version, it’s teetering on the brink of failure”. I would not mind having this in my own home, and take it on the road myself.


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