Active Edge Workout T-Shirt

active edgeOkay, I review a lot of products, but this is the first time that I have reviewed a shirt. Okay, there is one exception, like when I reviewed that shirt with the stainproof technology with Threadsmith Hydrophobic Nanotechnology.

I was able to obtain one of these shirts, and I am currently wearing it right now. To me, it feels like a shirt, really. Yeah, of course I am going to say that, but I am told that this product has “revolutionary technology” of infused and embedded electromagnetic frequencies into the fabrics, and this somehow enables the wearer to perform at a more optimal level.

Now, I have no idea if this is snake oil, because I am not certain how in the world to even test this. The company of Active Edge says that it has tested this, with clinical trials, and they report 90 percent positive benefits with zero side effects. How does this do this, it somehow activates the sympathetic nervous system, increases blood flow, as well as oxygen intake.

So, it is a great T-shirt, and it looks like it can do something for you. It is pretty expensive at $64.99, but it can be found at the Active Edge Gear site.

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