BewellConnect MyThermo

So, let’s talk about thermometers. As someone who grew up in the 70s, I remember those mercury ones that you had to uncomfortably stick under your tongue. Remember how you had to shake them to reset them, and they were really fricking hard to read? There was like this silver thread that…how in the world did they ever figure out that this is we detect sickness?

I bring this up because progress has been made in the world of thermometers, and I am not talking about the kinds of numbers. This is the MyThermo from Bewell Connect, and it is a smart and connected non-contact thermometer that can take a temperature of a body without even making contact with him or her.

That’s right, even the thermometers are wireless these days. I may have no idea how the mercury thermometers work, but this MyThermo, I am completely clueless. Let’s just say that it runs on magic, which is defined as any technology that can be understood in its present culture.

Apparently, the MyThermo uses infrared technology, which is good for those situations for when you are not wanting to spread germs with your thermometer.

Now, the issue that I have with this is that I am not certain how accurate the results are. I mean, you have to hold it up to a forehead, and then push the button. I held it up to my son’s head and got an incredibly low value of seventy something. The next one was about 88, and I tried it on myself and got a low 90 rating.

Below is a picture of where to hold it in relation to the forehead, and I have to admit that when I first used it, I held it backwards. Now, the instructions say that you should measure the temperature elsewhere to confirm it, and you just should do that anyway. Apparently, you can use this thing on a bathtub or drink as well.

I’m not certain if I can really recommend this product, but honestly, if this works as good as it says, then you should have no problem seeing it in many hospitals. You can purchase the MyThermo on the Bewell Connect site for about $99.

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