How Microsoft will take over the world on July 29th with Windows 10

Windows 10Okay, I am told that Microsoft will make Windows 10 is available on July 29th, but here’s the thing: they could use it to take over the world!

How do I know this? Simple. I’ve seen the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, and the villain, Valentine, had a plan that is similar to what Microsoft is doing now. In the film, Valentine gives everyone an SD card that allows for free Internet and Wi-Fi Forever. He’s played by Samuel L. Jackson, acting like he’s on one of those Capitol One ads that he does.

Anyway, after those free SD cards are equally distributed, it sends out a signal that taps into the rage part of people. From there, the world kills itself. Is it possible that Microsoft is planning on using their product to kill the world’s population?

No, that would be stupid and unrealistic, because they would have no users. Still, the idea of putting some operating system on all of these Windows operating systems like laptops, desktops, and some phones is a sign that you really want to get yourself out there, for free!

And I suppose that only Microsoft can do this, and the issue is whether or not the company can afford to do this. I get the feeling that there might be some kind of hidden fee somewhere.

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