Michael Jackson returns in holographic form

michael-jackson-billboardIn case you missed the Billboard awards, it featured a performance by the late Michael Jackson. I have a Source who was nice enough to inform me that the King of Pop did, in fact, die in 2009.

It was a holographic replica of Michael that actually performed, singing “Slave to the Rhythm” a track off of his posthumous album Xscape. This hologram did Michael’s trademark moonwalk, with a golden jacket and red trousers.

In case you have forgotten Coachella 2012, there was also a late music artist who performed as a hologram. This would be Tupac Shakur, who has also put out his share of posthumous works. I’m certain that won’t be the last holographic artist to perform.

I once mentioned before in my Why Television Sucks article that The Simpsons attempted to tackle the idea of late musicians becoming holograms. I say “attempt” because that was the Plot C of that episode, and I think this is worth more than mentioning.

I can’t really understand the reason for putting a hologram on stage. I’m certain that this tech is quite expensive, and seems quite wasteful. Does anyone really want to brag and say that they saw a hologram of a late musician perform?

I feel like this type of tech would be good if you couldn’t see a real concert, but maybe we need to see more real concerts. I wouldn’t be surprised if this tech catches on for cheaper concert prices, if the tech gets cheaper.


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