People actually spent 520 days inside to test going to Mars

NASA guysConsidering that I have written about people who are trapped within an enclosed space, I felt a need to report on these six test subjects who were locked in a module in Moscow for 520 days to test the effects of isolation on small group dynamics and individual psychology.

These people were selected from Russia, China, and Europe and they had to pretend that they were on some mission to Mars that would keep them in complete solitude from the rest of the world. They began on June 3, 2010 and the only way that they had contact with the outside world is when they had to place blood and urine samples outside the hatch. They didn’t even have Internet or phone calls, which I’m guessing you wouldn’t have if you went to Mars, right? Seriously, they can’t beam that back to Earth?

To keep from getting bored, these men did a lot of “housekeeping” stuff, you know, pretending to do what they would do if they landed on Mars. They also played a lot of Counter Strike, which I am going to assume doesn’t require an Internet connection. Apparently, they had small and medium term objectives to survive, and I am assuming that is what I would do.

I just can’t believe that this was done, and why in the heck did no one make a reality show out of this?


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