The Saga of “The Interview”

The InterviewOkay, I’ve been covering this story for a while on The Gospel Herald, but here is the story behind “The Interview”.

1) The Interview is a film made by Sony Pictures with Seth Rogen and James Franco about two fake journalists that are on a secret mission to kill the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un.

2) Sony Entertainment was hacked. Just like The Fappening and the Snappening, some info got out that shouldn’t have. I’m talking private information.

3) The hacking was done by a group known as The Guardians of Peace. They sent a message out saying that “the movie” must be stopped, and it is implied that The Interview is the movie that they are referring to.

4) Some have said that North Korea is the one hacking Sony, and Sony has decided not to release The Interview.

5) People are upset because it looks like we gave into terrorists.

All right, this is where I really get mad. I don’t know who would threaten to say, blow up a movie theater if they show a certain movie, but I’m assuming that they don’t have the ability to blow up every theater showing The Interview. I mean, that has to be at least hundreds of theaters.

Also, I guarantee you that by telling people that you will kill them if they have the gaul to watch a movie will only enhance their curiosity. I’m sure that the sales of The Satanic Verses went up when the Ayatollah wanted Salman Rushdie dead.

Okay, I’m guessing that The Interview is an irreverent film, but it probably has a statement, right? Is it that we want Kim Jong-Un dead? I can understand why North Korea would be upset, but threats of any type are pretty much unjustified.

This is just the first time that I have heard a film being yanked because of threats. I would like to think that we don’t respond to terrorists, but it feels like we have. But I’m not alone in this feeling, and I have a hunch that The Interview will be seen.

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