What color is the dress? Is the cat up or down? Why does the Internet obsess over stuff like this?

cat on stairsNo doubt you heard of that photo captioned “what color is the dress”, which made its way all around social networks. In all honesty, I can’t remember if that was so…last month or so…last week, but it leads me to wonder why certain things get so much attention.

The one that happened this week was from 9Gag.com, and it shows a cat who is going up stairs. Or is that cat going down the stairs? I have to admit that I don’t really have a straight answer, but my Source states that a Warwick Business School professor says the confusion is the optical illusion of whether or not the gray square at the top of the picture is a ceiling or floor.

Personally, I think that what makes this work is the unknown. Current comments from my Source state that there are some marks on the wall where the load bearing stair tops go in, so that cat is going down. Also, the wallpaper on the steps, maybe. Not only that, if the can is going up, that means that the steps are uneven.

So that is several votes for the cat going down. But there is a person saying that if the cat was going down, then its tail wouldn’t be up.

I suppose that I could end this article asking what you think. I suppose it is as good enough ending as any.


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