EnerPlex Part 2: The 5,100 mAh and 10,000 mAh Jumpr Slate Mobile Battery

Enerplex Slate 5KNow I have finished reviewing the EnerPlex Packr Solar Backpack, I am now reviewing some of the Slate Jumprs, which are some terrific mobile batteries.

Well, you have heard me talk about mobile batteries. These are devices made for when your tablet or smartphone runs out of juice, and you have a handy battery to give you some power for that really important call or app you’re running. So what makes the Jumpr Slate any different?

Enerplex Slate 10KWell, the Jumpr Slate batteries are thinner, and they are designed to be placed in a binder, with a cable for easy charging. For example, there is the Jumpr Slate 5K (5,100 mAh) which also comes in a 5K-L (for Lightning) for Apple products. Then there is the Slate 10K which has two 2.4 amp outputs to allow users to charge two devices at once.

You should be able to get the EnerPlex Jumpr 5K for $59.99, the EnerPlex Jumpr 5K-L for $69.99, and the EnerPlex Jumpr 10K is $99.99.

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