Fingerpow Magnetic Charger is Quite Unique

Although we report on many Kickstarter projects, it isn’t often on this website that we report on something that just achieved its funding. This is the case for the Fingerpow, and it is a recharger for mobile devices unlike any other.

Actually, something tells me that other companies are going to look at this design, and copy it. What you are seeing there is a white charging platform, and those four tiny batteries (or “fingers”, if you will) will lock into them magnetically.

As you might have guessed, you connect the recharging station to a USB port, and you can then charge these individual fingers. Then, when you need power to your mobile device, you connect the appropriate tip to the finger and insert it in.

Yes, your device gets a little bit of juice. How much? I am told that a full finger worth of power will charge the iPhone 8 about 25 percent. Considering that this comes with four fingers that are easily pocket-sized, it’s like having another battery for your iPhone 8 in your pocket.

Oh, there are other tips available besides the Apple Lightning, including USB C and micro-USB. I’m not certain how well they will work on tablets and stuff.

It is really the concept behind this that I like, and these fingers can lock themselves together in your pocket. When I tried it out, I believe that these fingers were actually charging each other.

So yeah, I’m giving this device very high praise. The only sad part is that I don’t know if this is even available for purchase. I could only find Fingerpow due to its Kickstarter site, and nothing more. That is such a shame, because it would make a great gift.

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