Gosh Part 1: Parallel 2 and JouleHaute

Gosh Parallel 2Well, now that I have finished with EnerPlex, parts one and two, it is time to talk about another company with some chargers for mobile devices. I am talking about Gosh. Yes, this is the name of this company, and I had a chance to review the Parallel 2 and JouleHaute 8000 mAh.

I’ll start with the Parallel 2. This won the CES Innovation Awards as well as the German Design Award Special Mention 2015. At first, I thought this was a battery/case, but it is kind of a cover for the iPhone, and then it has a battery that can detach.

So yes, it has 2900 mAh, which is good for 1.6 times of additional power for iPhone 6. The battery has a cable that can detach from the back and plug into the iPhone to give it power. You can find more information about the Parallels 2 here at the Gosh site.0..0, and it is available for purchase for about $99.99.

Gosh JouleHauteAs for the JouleHaute, I’m not certain what this translates into, but it is one of those mobile batteries. Since I have covered what mobile batteries have done before, here is a quick review. It is essentially a thing you carry around to give your smartphone or tablet some power when it needs it.

The JouleHaute 8000 mAh Premium Powerbank with a dedicated 2.1 A and 1A output. Of course a lot of mobile batteries have that ability, so what makes this different. The Powerbank has luxurious leather shell around it, and you can shake it to see how much power is on it.

I found this on Amazon for $49.00 in tan and black and there is more info on the Gosh site.

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