MyCharge All Terrain 3000mAh Rechargeable Portable Charger

MyChargeSo, I have tried myCharge products in the past, such as the HubPlus and the 2000 mAh charger. Today, I got the All Terrain to try out, and I’m not certain how to describe it.

Okay, I do, it is portable charger, which is what you use when you need some power. I just can’t describe this shape but like a handle of a gun, maybe?

This thing is IP68 military grade, so it is waterproof, temperature proof, dirt proof, and shock-proof. Yes, it has the big four there.

So, it can flip up with a built-in USB port for the 2.1 A output and then have the micro-USB for charging. It can hold battery power for up to 1 year, and charge up to 65 percent faster.

If you are wanting this extra power, you can find it on the myCharge site for $39.99.

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