myCharge HubPlus

myCharge 6000 mahAfter New Year’s Day, I will be heading to Las Vegas, and I could be using something like the myCharge HubPlus. I had a chance to try it out as a little bonus Christmas present.

This is the Rechargeable 6000mAh portable charger from myCharge, and it is something that I have reviewed before with the mobile battery. In this case, the HubPlus has retractable prongs to it can charge up for 45 hours.

Here’s the reason why it is called the HubPlus. It actually has two charging cables, one of them is a Lightning cable and the other is a micro-USB cable. It can charge up to 65 percent faster than competitors.

If this something that you want, head on over to the myCharge site and lay down about $99.99.

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