Accell Powramid can handle all your cords

Accell PowramidPerhaps I spoke to soon when I said that the GreenGenius was the king of all surge protectors. You can read the article that I wrote on that if you want to see those features, but the Powramid has quite a lot of cool stuff on it as well.

As you can see, the Powramid is set up like a traditional surge protector with six outlets. The difference, as you can see, is that it is circular. This means that it can handle all kinds of cords, unlike traditional ones where the outlet holes are too close together.

Another bonus is that it is green. Let’s say you are charging a handful of smartphones or tablets on the Powramid. Thanks to its Power Stop technology, the Powramid will stop bringing power once the device has reached capacity. That means you are going to save some money on your power bill and run less risk of overcharging your mobiles.

Another feature is the X3 MOV technology which is the safest surge conditions, reacting by directing excess energy away from the equipment through the electrical grounding system. All this, and two USB ports.

Yeah, this is another fine Accell product that can be purchased on their website for a low price of $34.99.

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