Gosh, Part 2: The Cordbox Cable and Power Strip Organizer

Gosh CordboxOkay, this is the second part of my Gosh product reviews, and I will repeat that this is the company’s name. I actually believe it is Gosh! with that exclamation point, so I guess that means that this punctuation is just a part of the name.

This is the Cordbox, and the purpose is to hide all of those nasty cords that are cluttering your desk or on your desk. It is essentially fold-able rectangular box with two things on the side. Yeah, I don’t know how to describe them other than “things”, but look at the picture, what else would you call those…things.

So this is an aluminum and leather box, so it looks pretty classy. If this is something that you want for your home or work office, feel free to lay down the money for it. I think I saw it for about $34.95, but I’m not really certain. It is currently out of stock on Amazon, but you should be able to find out more information here on the Gosh site.

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