Amazon is ready for the holiday with their Kiva robots

What you are going to see in the video above is some robots at work. As far as I know, and what my Source reveals, this video pretty much shows what looks like at Amazon. Amazon bought Kiva Systems, presumably so the world’s biggest bookstore could have a way to move all of its merchandise around into packages.

These robots go about the floor and then they lift stacks of merchandise to the warehouse workers so they can wrap them up and ship them to you. As someone who used to work in a warehouse, this could really help. I guess maybe I understand the process of ordering and stuff. What, you think you just click on something and it just comes to you?

Personally, I think this is another one of those signs that we live in a science-fiction age. Is it odd that there is a “human exclusion zone” around these robots that sounds like something out of a dystopian science-fiction novel.

Anyway, these robots can travel 12 miles a day, and stop only 5 minutes per hour for recharge. Yes, Amazon is completely ready for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and all the days in between until Christmas.


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