Someone is inventing Sophia the robot lady, why do we need this again?

Robot LadyWell, this robot looks like something right out of Ex Machina, complete with the plastic dome on the head. I should probably get around to seeing that speculative fiction film for Speculative Fiction Saturday, but perhaps I don’t have to with this.

This is Dr. David Hanson’s Sophia, and it is inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Hanson’ wife Sophia. Sophia’s skin is made from silcone, and she has cameras in her eyes so she can “see” other people.

You know how Watson can talk and win on Jeopardy? Well, Sophia can also speak and respond, remembering facial expressions and having some of her own.

There is a drawback. Apparently, my Source has a video where someone asks Sophia if she wants to take control of all humans, and she agreed, jokingly, I think.

Okay, so now here comes a question that I just have to ask. Why does anyone want a robot like this? I mean, is there not enough humans in the world that we can talk to? I thought the goal was to make robots that we want to do work we hate, do we need to give them sentience so they can complain about it?

Unless you want to create a robot that you can love…and…ewww! Isn’t the whole point of love based on that you don’t have control over the other person, or am I just being old-fashioned.


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