Biologic AnchorPoint Bar Mount and SportCase for the iPhone 6

BioLogic_AnchorPoint_Bar_Mount_Portrait-600x600I had to try out Biologic products, two of them, actually. the first is the AnchorPoint Bar Mount for bikes and the SportsCase for the iPhone 6.

We’ll go to the BioLogic AnchorPoint Bar Mount, and it is made of durable nylon, with some mount clamps for BioLogic phone cases and bags. It is made for all those people who love to have a smartphone on their bike for the Maps program or anything else.

The AnchorPoint Bar Mount has spring-loaded positive stop screw locks in order to lock the phone in place. It also has flat and 10 degree angled mount bases that allow flexible placement on bike stems and handlebars.

You should be able to purchase the BioLogic AnchorPoint Bar Mount on the BioLogic site for about $19.95.

SportsCase iPhone 6Then there is the SportsCase which is lightweight and comfortably slim, and has advanced protection with a tough hard shell made of thermoplastic rubber.

As you can see, this SportsCase is made for all kinds of phones, like the iPhone 6, and it can work with the the Bar Mount. It is all about the non-slip texturing so it doesn’t fall out of your hand as well.

If you are interested in the SportsCase for the iPhone 6 Case, you should be able to get it for $34.95 on the BioLogic site.

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