Your smartphone might open your hotel room door

mobile check inRemember how I stated that apps have reduced cab-driving in San Francisco by 65 percent? Well, I have discovered another career that might be in danger due to smartphone applications: the hotel front desk clerk.

Considering that I used to be one, I would be very worried if I still was one. Starwood Hotels and Resorts became the first chain to allow guests to unlock doors with their smartphones. It isn’t available at much hotels, but the fact that it is available at all is pretty impressive.

If you are like me, you have traveled miles to only wait in line for one hotel key. It really just makes sense to have this service on your phone if all your are doing is just waiting for a magnetic strip on a credit card.

Just to let you know, the hotel has to invest money to replace its doorknobs so they are Bluetooth compatible. So I can imagine that some hotels won’t want this, because they probably don’t want to pay the up-front costs.

So I suppose that if front desk clerks are reduced to an application, it is only a matter of time before other careers can replaced.


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