I Had to “Unfriend” Someone for the First Time Today

Wow, that title sounds like a song, doesn’t it? I guess this is the sign of the times that we live in. I suppose that a lot of us use Facebook as an unofficial method for tracking what our friends from childhood, high school, college, and other bygone times are up to. Heck, I saw a friend of mine today IRL and wished them a happy birthday, so how would I have done that if not for Facebook?

I have to admit that I look at Facebook to pass the time when I don’t feel like starting a project. Now, I’m needing to use it to promote my works, but everyone else is kind of using it for self-promotion as well. It is amazing how people fill it up with so much memes and all kinds of stuff that I just scroll through.

Today, one of my Facebook friends posted a meme that I could have used as the illustration, but decided not to. I feel that I am giving the creator of this racist meme too much press as it is. This is one time where I am not going to get an exact quote, but it shows a picture of a woman in a hijab, and if I am not using this term correctly, I ask for forgiveness in advance.

Essentially, the posting was just racist against Muslims, wondering why someone of this belief system should be in the line at a public bank. This was posted at my friend’s site, with an “Amen” underneath.

Do I even need to say that this is something that you do not “Amen”? I don’t care if there is some kind of a “holy war” with Muslims, and they win. It is heinous to assume that there will be one, and I had to unfriend the person who did this.

I have no idea how Facebook works when it comes to unfriending, so if this person is wondering why I unfriended them, this is why. I would say that I am sorry, but I don’t think I’m the one who needs to apologize, and I’m going to stand by that.

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