Why is Twitter affecting the Airline industry?

Twitter airlineI’ve two interesting stories in this one article here, and they are both related to Twitter and the airline industry. Namely, one this one social networking site built on 140 characters can change everything.

I’ll start with this particular tweet that was from a 14-year-old Dutch girl. She sent a message to American Airlines that she is from Al Qaida and that something big was going down. I believe that she misspelled “Al Qaeda”, but this is just something that you really, really don’t want to joke about.

American Airlines called the authorities on this one, as one would expect. I’m not certain what will happen to this girl, but seriously, I realize this girl cannot remember 9/11, but you just don’t do this, ever.

And in other news, US Airways recently received a complaint about customer service, and this woman received back an X-rated tweet that I won’t bother to show here. It was retweeted over 500 times, and I have no idea why the heck the company would approve of such an obscene tweet. Of course they didn’t, and they have issued an apology. I just can’t help but wonder how it got that far. Serious, isn’t there some checks and balances system for tweets so stuff like this doesn’t happen?

Well, this just goes to show you how Twitter can foul up airline industry, but one must question why. What kind of world do we live in where this happens? It is pretty crazy.

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