Speculative Fiction Friday: Sens8

Sens8All right, I’m going to say that I have no idea what to make of Sens8. I don’t even know how to pronounce the title. Is it Sense-eight? Or is it just “sense” and the 8 is silent like a, I don’t know, silent E?

For starters, the show comes from the Wachowskis, the same people that gave us The Matrix, Speed Racer, and Cloud Atlas, some good films. Oh, they also gave us the sequels to The Matrix, so yeah, it really is hard to produce a string of hits. The show is written by J. Michael Straczynski, who created one of my all time favorite shows, Babylon 5! So hey, this has to be good, right?

I would have to say this: I don’t know. In fact, I don’t even know how to describe what I saw in the episodes on this Netflix exclusive series. But hey, I usually put some description of a plot on my reviews, so here goes:

Eight people, who are located in various places around the world, are apparently psychically connected, I think. Seriously, I think this is about as good of an explanation as it gets. I think there is a more convoluted explanation of this, but I had a hard time keeping track of this, honestly.

I won’t go into detail about all of the eight characters, where they are, but each one has a storyline. Since these characters are linked via minds, these characters will encounter other characters by looking in the mirror. This is where it gets odd, as the characters are often shown being in the same room with each other even though they aren’t physically there. Sometimes, there is a character who fights for them, but I can’t figure out is she fighting with that one character’s body? Seriously, I don’t know.

I honestly don’t know what the heck links these people, and what they are fighting against, but there is a guy or group of guys trying to stop them. By the way, Naveen Andrews from Lost shows up, making it just as confusing as that show. Seriously, the show has eight characters, with their conflicts, interacting with each other, and there is occasionally flashbacks in that. So the show really is a bunch of confusing stuff, honestly.

However, here is the deal: I watched the whole thing. Maybe I was waiting for some character to show up and explain it all, but it didn’t happen. This is the problem that I had, as Sens8 has no sense of closure. I believe that the Wachkowskis did this with Cloud Atlas with more success, and I liked that movie. The issue is this didn’t work with the show, even though there is more time to do longer storylines.

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