Speculative Fiction Saturday: So Bad, It’s Good Month Concludes with the Sharknado Trilogy

sharknado__130803093919-e1375522806978Okay, so there is a lot of “So Bad, it’s Good” films. Many of them are really accidental, such as films like The Room and Birdemic. The issue with them is that their creators really meant to do something serious, and it failed so hard that it is just so flippin’ hysterical.

The issue with Sharknado is that it was purposely made to be so bad that it is good, and I’m pretty certain that Kung Fury and Turbo Kid had some influence, but these had some really good eighties cheese mixed in.

Sharknado is the product by The Asylum, a studio that is known for producing films that are essentially rip-offs of other films. They call them mockbusters, with titles like Transmorphers, you know, like Transformers. Usually the direct-to-DVD boxes look like the posters of the films they are ripping off. They even made some faith-based films, and I don’t want to really go into detail on that.

The Asylum made the smartest move that they could ever make and just made a film no one could take seriously, and yet it is a film that takes itself way too seriously. After all, the premise is about a tornado that begins in the ocean, and picks up a school, or pack, or whatever the heck a group of sharks travel in. The tornado eventually hits land, and the sharks hit everything in their path.

Now, everyone else has said this, but sharks require water to live, so the only danger a sharknado would have is flying dead weight. But no, these sharks fall from the sky to bite the head off the poor spectators. That is essentially what happens in the first movie, and I believe that starts off in Santa Monica pier, and then moves its way through LA.

What is interesting the main character Fin (like a shark, get it) has a difficult time staying away from the sharknado and trying to warn his…you know what, I honestly forget who he is trying to warn. The issue is that it is drama during an end-of-the-world scenario. It has been done before, and this film has an Independence Day vibe, but somehow even more ridiculous.

I don’t want to reveal too much about these films with my review. I will tell you that Sharknado 2: The Second One (that is a terrible subtitle, I know) takes place in New York City because…plot. Seriously, why is there a second Sharknado here? Who cares. Apparently, this film was able to afford a lot of cameos, and I won’t go into detail on them. What is interesting is how this film has a real “New York is awesome” vibe that was in a lot of films after 9/11 like the original Spider-Man.

When it comes to Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No, it also has the cameos, and the film just goes crazy. Again, I don’t want to go into detail on this, but it ends with the possibility of another film.

Personally, I think that Sharknado has now become an icon, and they will probably have several of these before the eventual reboot. It has an influence of comedy that clearly brought this “So Bad it’s Good” month to begin, and so it will bring it to a close.

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