Speculative Fiction Saturday: The Little Prince

the-little-prince_1sheet_20-041I don’t know how many people have heard of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s most famous work of The Little Prince before, but this film, which was made overseas and adopted by Netflix, is going to put it on the map. It certainly will get people to read translations of the famous French work, but the might be surprised that it is nothing like this adaptation.

The most obvious thing that I can say about this adaptation is that it is nothing like the source material. The description that you will find on Netflix discusses the framing device that this adaptation used to present this classic tale, and I would have to say that it works.

The story the film goes with is about a young girl who has one of those moms that wants to give her daughter the best of education so they will become so very successful. The little girl isn’t really interested, and she becomes distracted by this aviator who lives next door. This aviator has this house that looks like the one from Up, but even more quirky.

By the way, this gal lives in a neighborhood where every house is exactly the same, and it looks very gray and sterile. It feels like this film is trying a bit to hard to show something, but it least it doesn’t preach it by telling us.

This girl visits the aviator, and some bad stuff happens. No, this isn’t that kind of story, but honestly, if you knew that your daughter had a friendship with an old man, you might suspect something bad was going on.

Anyway, the aviator’s friendship involves him telling the little girl stories about how he crashed in the desert, and met this young boy, who came from another planet. In this world, planets are rocks that you can walk around, and you can fly around using birds. I think Jimmy Neutron had ore realistic physics, honestly.

Now, the stories that the aviator tells the girl are right from the book, which is about an aviator who crashes in the desert and meets a little boy from another world. So this movie is essentially a sequel to The Little Prince, the book, so this could actually be called The Little Prince 2.

The movie attempts to continue the story established in the book. I will have to say that the story then gets very fantastic, and that is saying something for something that takes place in the universe of The Little Prince.

I will have to say that I didn’t like this film because I am a purist who doesn’t think you should change a story, particularly one that is well-established like The Little Prince. My first encounter with this story took place when I was in French class in high school, and I read it twice, in French. I am not really certain what the book was actually about, theme-wise. I suppose that the story is about how we lost our inner child, and other various things that have since become psycho-babble.

This movie does have a good theme as well, about clinging to that which is important, even though it is not material things. This film does give you a good case of “the feels”, which is a lot like some of Pixar’s best work like Inside Out. So, if you are willing to ignore The Little Prince book, and except what this film is, it works.

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