Energizer PowerKeep 12 and 36 Solar-Powered Charger

It would appear that I am reviewing a lot of Energizer’s PowerKeep products, made for solar charging. Today, it will be the Energizer PowerKeep 12 and 36, and they are some quite useful products.

Energier PowerKeep 12 Multi-Bay Battery Charger

The PowerKeep 12 is a solar powered panel that includes a micro-USB cable. You will need that micro-USB cable when you spread out the solar panels and absorb some good energy rays from Mr. Sun. These solar panels are very light for easy travel.

What you can do then is take that energy by attaching the micro-USB to the solar panel and then attach that to the four Energizer NiMH rechargeable AA batteries. You can see the box thing that holds the batteries, and there is a AAA battery adapter.

You can connect this battery-charging box to a USB port, or even an AC plug. This comes in really handy when it comes to charging just about anything.

You can go to the Engergizer PowerKeep site for more information, and here’s a link to Amazon where it can be purchased for $151.25.

Energizer PowerKeep Solar 36 Portable Solar Battery Charger

The PowerKeep 36 also has the portable flexible 4-panel solar powered panel. It doesn’t have a battery box that can recharge batteries, but it does have a compact 10,000 mAh power bank which 2 output ports.

It has a micro-USB cable, and you can charge the 10,000 mAh power bank at home using a USB port, in case that the sun is not out. So, it is again very handy to have around.

So, if you are looking for more information, head to the Energizer site. You can purchase it on Amazon for $169.88.

The 120 Watt Cup Inverter from Energizer

energizer 120 WattIf you do a lot of work on the road, then you know how important it is to be charging your mobile devices while you are behind the wheel. I’m sure that a lot of people have one of those cigarette lighter/USB adapters in their cars, and Energizer has something for the whole family with the 120 Watt Cup Inverter.

The 120 Watt Cup Inverter is made to fit in the cup holder of the driver’s seat, and it can power up 5 devices at once. This is provided that you have 4 USB devices and AC/CA plug-in device, and you also need to have a cigarette lighter plug in your car.

As for the rest of the specs, it 120 W Continuous/240 W Peak Power. The four USB ports are 2.1 A Shared, and there is no internal fan, so it is silent. If you want this for your car, you can purchase it on sites like Amazon for about $31.84.