IOGEAR Compact USB-C Docking Station with PD Pass-Thru

I must be on a kick with these computer accessories devices with J5Create, OWC, and this is my second one from IOGEAR (here’s the first one). I don’t know if this is going to be my last one for this holiday, but this is the Compact USB-C Docking Station with PD Pass-Thru (GUD3C03) is advanced.

You can see in the image how there is a male USB-C port to attach into such devices as a Windows USB-C laptop or a MacBook. Just to let you know, a Windows USB-C laptop can handle two extra monitors, while the Apple laptop can handle only one.

Since you can see the ports, I will let you know what they are. I’ll start with memory card readers for both SD and MicroSD, which means you have something to read your data with. Then there are also three USB 3.0 (Type A ports), good enough for charging and relaying data from any device with a USB output.

Then there is also three video connectivity options like HDMI, Mini DisplayPort and VGA ports. There is also an audio port in case you want to attach a pair of headphones or something of that nature. Oh, lest we forget ther is a GbE LAN port as well.

In addition to the 4K or Dual HD Monitor (1080p) setup, this can work as a mirror monitor possibility. There is also a way to charge your laptop when this device is docked. Just connect the manufacturer’s USB-C AC power adapter directly to the docking station while you work. All this, from a very portable device, and it fits in a purse or a large pocket.

It is hard to believe that something like this is available for such a small price of $99.95 on the IOGEAR site.

IOGEAR Thunderbolt 3 to Dual 4K DisplayPort Adapter (GTC3DDP)

For some reason, I am reviewing a lot of computer accessories, as there are several ways to get your laptop/desktop to do more, provided you have the right tool. I’ve been reviewing IOGEAR products for a while, and I really like their Thunderbolt 3 to Dual 4K DisplayPort Adapter (GTC3DDP).

Basically, the Thunderbolt 3 to Dual 4K DisplayPort Adapter has a Thunderbolt 3 port and then gives you the capacity to plug in two DisplayPort 4K monitors in the two DisplayPort ports. You can also plug in a 5K monitor, provided you use both the ports.

So, it is a super handy graphical workstation, which means that you don’t need to purchase expensive graphical workstations. It has a capability to cycle the screen for up to 60 times a second, which is going to give you some really high quality video.

One thing that I really like about the Thunderbotl 3 to Dual 4K DisplayPort Adapter is how shiny the exterior is. I feel like it should be made durable, but I am not certain if it is.

You should be able to purchase it on the IOGEAR site for $99.95.

IOGEAR GearGuard for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

IoGear GearGuardWell, since we have relaunched our website, I feel it is time to do something that I haven’t done in a while: a review of a tech product. In fact, we are going to do a lot of tech reviews in the next few months due to it being the holiday season and all.

Most of you know that I have reviewed a lot of screen protectors. Most of them are basically the same, and I was pleased to review the GearGuard from a company that I am pretty familiar with, IOGEAR.

Like most screen protectors, you don’t really know it is there. This is pretty interesting, because it has about 5 layers of protection. So it is good for stopping cracks, grease, water, dust, fingerprints, and all of them.

However, one of the best selling points of this products is that it is easy to install. It has one of those pre-installation tools that will insure that you get it right. So if you have a fear about not installing this correctly, I hope that I have assuaged it.

In fact, the price is very small at $10.95, and it can be found on the IOGEAR site at certain stores. By the way, this was made for the iPhone 7, but I’m assuming that it will fit the iPhone 8, because I have heard that the iPhone 7 accessories will fit the iPhone 8.

Hands on with the IOGEAR Slim Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand

IOGEAR Slim Multi PortWell, here is where I review a new product, and the Slim Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand. Just for kicks, I synced it to my mobile phone and I have decided to type this report on it.

So far, it is feeling pretty good, and I am wondering if I can possibly write my next novel on this. The keyboard is pretty small, but it feels pretty natural. It has a short learning curve, like the Matias Ergo Pro.

Anyway, this comes with a little stand that can fold up small and then unfold so you can stand it up and lean against it. It can lean to 63/69/75 degrees, so it is good at being at the right angle.

This keyboard is good for iOS, Android, Mac, or PC. There are 14 built-in hotkeys made so you can control play, pause, go to the homescreen, and all of that.

All in all, I would recommend it, as I was able to write this report without any problems, and it costs about $39.95 on the IOGEAR site.