Acme Made Charge™ for iPhone 6

CaptureAcme Made sent us this nifty little case for the iPhone 6 (also comes for the 6 Plus). It’s called Charge™, but it is not a case that will charge your phone. Instead, it has a kickstand that comes out(the red part). Underneath the kickstand lies the secret to the case- a little Lightning to USB cable that snaps out, so you can hook your phone into a USB port.

I suppose this could be useful if you have your laptop with you, and you don’t want to forget your USB connecting cable. The world might be a better place if there were USB ports in all electrical outlets, of course.

CaptureBut in the meantime, unless you have your computer with you, you will have a hard time finding a place to plug this into, I think. I could see the usefulness of having this cord hiding in your case if you are always misplacing your charging cord.

The case itself is an impact resistant, polycarbonate, and the kickstand allows you to view your phone while it’s charging in both portrait and landscape mode.

You can purchase Charge™ for $49.95 on the Acme Made website.

Spigen makes iPhone 6 cases readily available

iphone-6-casesIf there is one company that usually knows how to keep secrets before its release, it is Apple. They are going to announce the new version of the iPhone early next month, and generally I’m constantly trying to see if the cases of the predecessor will fit the latest model.

A Korean company known as Spigen says that they have the latest version of the iPhone’s cover with this iPhone 6 model. This is pretty good considering that I haven’t seen any company show off even as much as a prototype. I have seen some companies promise them, which probably means that iPhone 5 cases won’t be compatible with the new iPhone 6.

I have to either admire or warn Spigen for putting an iPhone 6 case on their site already, three weeks before Apple’s official announcement. If Spigen sounds familiar, it is because I have written about them before when I wrote about their armored cases here.

These thin fit cases will cost about $15, and they are about 4.7 inches. There is a rugged armor edition for $35 and an ultra-hybrid case for $25. Now, there is a rumor that Apple might have a 5.5 inch phone, so these Spigen models could be quickly made obsolete even before their release.