Patchworks Protection Options for Samsung Galaxy S9

We’ve reviewed cases and screen protectors from Patchworks before. This time we’ll be reviewing cases and screens made for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The glass screen protector is the ITG Full Cover. The cases are from the Level ITG series and the Monogrip.

First off, we’ll cover the glass screen protector. This protector has beveled edges that wrap around the screen nicely to fit the curved sides of the S9 Plus. Patchworks uses a unique heat bending technique to bend the edges- as opposed to other glass screen protectors that shave the glass to fit. This technique is said to improve the durability of the glass.

The screen protector boasts a hardness of 9H- which I have found does not equate to the Mohs hardness scale, but rather something like a pencil hardness test. We have not tested out the glass by trying to scratch it, but it’s more than likely to be pretty tough. The most important part is that it protects the screen underneath. The Patchwork page guarantees the scratch resistant part of it, so at worst, you could get a new screen protector out of it.

There is an oleophobic coating that will aid in preventing fingerprints and smudges. It is also very smooth and will give you a screen that responds beautifully to touch. On top of it all is an easy application, which makes the $24.95 suggested retail price a good deal. I saw a $15.95 pricetag on the WalMart website, though.

photo credit:Patchworks

Next up, we have the Level ITG series case. This one comes in black or red, and looks simple and basic, but it really does have what it takes to protect your phone- as proven in the Military grade drop standard 810G. The case wraps around the front and sits 1 mm above a glass screen protector to provide even more screen protection.

There are good sized cutouts for ports so everything is easily accessible, and the design around the flash will prevent the flash reflections.The buttons will be covered, but are tactile and easily-manipulated at the same time.

The dual layer TPU and polycarbonate case has air pockets to help cushion from any drops that might happen. It will be hard to drop the case with it’s textured grip on the side and anti-slip surface. As durable as the case is, it is very thin and works well with wireless charging. It retails for $24.95.


Last, but not least, we have the Monogrip case.

photo credit:Patchworks

This case is similar to the Level ITG in protection, accessibility, and many of the things we mentioned above. This one has a aluminum finish, but looks like a leather grain, and feels like it as well.

A triple layer of aluminum, TPU and polycarbonate give protection to the phone inside, and also has the ribs on the side to give the user something to grip.


The lifetime warranty protected case comes in black or taupe, and is also listed at $24.95. 


It’s hard to go wrong with any of these cases, and we appreciate Patchworks sending us these products for free in exchange for our fair and unbiased review.

ITG Patchworks Level Case and Tempered Glass for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Patchworks Level CaseIt’s been a while since I have reviewed a Patchworks product, and I am very pleased to do so again. Today, I got a chance to try out four products from them for two separate mobile devices: the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

I’ll start with the ITG Level cases for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The ITG Level can meet or exceed U.S. Military standard drop testing requirements, which is good enough for 26 consecutive free fall drops from about 4 feet. It is a dual layer case made of premium polycarbonate and TPU which is this web-like mesh with a shock absorbent air pocket.

It is good for some protection on the inside, and it also has a better grip and anti-slip texture. It is pretty cool and you can get it for the iPhone 6 here for about $29.95, for the iPhone 6 Plus here for about the same price.

Patchworks GlassIt should be known that the Level Drop Protection cases are optimized for glass protectors, and fortunately, Patchworks makes glass screen protectors. I also reviewed two different tempered glass screen protectors for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

I’ll start by saying that I reviewed a different type of screen for the ITG Glass known as the Privacy Impossible Tempered Glass screen for the iPhone 6. That is, if the view-angle exceeds 30 degrees, the screen goes dark. So if you value your privacy, you can get it.

As for the iPhone 6 Plus, I just tried the regular ITG Glass which has about the same amount features for the regular clear Glass. For example, it has 9H hardness, optimized for the Retina display, Bubble-free installation, and real tempered glass for an original touch feeling.

The Privacy Tempered Glass for the iPhone 6 is available here for $38.00, and the Tempered Glass for the iPhone 6 Plus can be purchased here for $36.95.