Native Union Phone Case Review: Clic Canvas and Clic Marquetry

We have some more phone cases to review. These are from Native Union. We haven’t reviewed a product from them in a while, but they make lots of products for phones, tablets, and other gadgets. Today’s review will be about a couple of phone cases they sell.

Native Union Clic Marquetry

Photo credits: Native Union

This stylish case is made of premium Italian leather in a tri-color geometrical pattern. The leather will age naturally over time with a true patina. There are different color options to protect your phone. They have this option in black. There’s also Rose, Canary, Petrol Blue, and Desert Pink. It’s available for a variety of iPhones as well. Right now they are having a sale, and the cases cost half as much. Currently, the price is $34.99.



Native Union Clic Canvas

This fine case has a weaved fabric texture on the back of the case. It’s slim and lightweight as well. Offered in different colors as well, the two tone case comes in Slate, Marine, Rose, Olive and Taupe. This case is also on sale, and while less expensive than the other, offers a classic look and added protection to your iPhone. Currently it’s on sale for $16.99.

Thanks to Native Union for sending us these two cases for the iPhone Xs Max. These were free for us to review, but our review remains fair and unbiased. No other compensation was given.

Native Union Anchor Cable

anchor-cableI will say that when Native Union makes a product, they are very good about making it as classy as possible. For example, they did an Android (micro USB) charging/sync cable with the POWERLink. They also made these CLIC Marble cases for the iPhone 6/6S, and it just feels like something rich people would have. I had a terrific time with the Anchor Cable made for Apple products, and this is what I have found.

anchor-cable-2You know what the problem is with most cables? They get dropped, and often get lost. However, the Anchor Cable have a non-slip geometric weight that is designed to keep that cable in one place. Is it just me, or does that weight look like some dice from Dungeons and Dragons?

So if you have the habit of charging your cable next to your desk or something, you can just leave that cable there. This cable is also very resistant to the things that happen to cable in life, just in case you want to take it with you, or something.

If you are in the market for a 6.5 foot cable for your Apple device, you can purchase it on the Native Union site in either Marine or Taupe for $34.99.

Native Union Part 2: CLIC 360 and CLIC Marble for the iPhone 6/6S/6/6S Plus

Native Union Clic 360So, now that we have another day to look at some Native Union products, I’m pleased to say that I am quite glad with what I see and have tried out.

I’ll start with the CLIC 360. I’m not certain why it is called CLIC, but it has the 360 label because it surrounds the case. So yeah, there are a lot of cases, so what makes this one different?

Well, the interior has this “3D Rubber Mesh”, which means it will really hold in the iPhone 6/iPhone 6S. In addition to the hard yet soft plastic, it has a canvas backing, making it feel like the pocket of some jeans. It even has the “Native Union” patch that feels like Levis.

You should be able to find it on the Native Union site for a price of $39.99in several different colors.

Native Union Clic marbleNow, as far as the CLIC Marble goes, I think I realize why this series is called CLIC as it might be some deliberate misspelling of “clique”. In this case, the CLIC Marble is made of marble.

You heard it right, marble, and I swear, this case has more class than any case that I have ever reviewed. Now I have reviewed a lot of cases in my time, but this one is gourmet. I feel like if the Roman Empire never fell, then all of our iPhones would have to have this case.

The only drawback is that the phone case has some instructions on how to care for your marble case. Also it seems to pride itself on being cold, which is odd, to say the least. I would rather have a case that would be warm to the touch, but that might not be possible.

You should be able to get the CLIC Marble case for the iPhone 6/6S for about $79.99 on the Native Union site.

Native Union Part 1: POWERLink and Switch Bluetooth Speaker

Native Union PowerLinkIt’s been a while since I reviewed some good Native Union products, and I was pleased to try out several new products that I am going to review during Black Friday week, and I will recommend them for holiday gifts.

I’ll start with the POWERLink, a charging cable that looks like it is in the shape of a woman with a long dress. Okay, I hope that no one thinks it’s weird that I describe it that way. Look at it, what does it look like.

Like Nomad with their charging cables, the Native Union POWERLink makes charging something easy as carrying with you. So if you are in a place where you need a quick boost, you have a way of getting some juice.

Granted, you will need a spare USB port to do this, but those are pretty common these days. The POWERLink can be something decorative, and that is something that works out really well for everyone. It is available to purchase on the Native Union site for $59.99.

Native Union SwitchThen there the Switch, which is a Bluetooth Speaker, and it sounds good. Best of all, it looks good, too. It reminds me of a long LEGO brick.

The way that I judge a Bluetooth speaker is whether or not I can use it without looking at the instructions. In this case, I was able to press the top, and then I was able to sync it in seconds. From there, I was playing music through it, and I am told that it will play music wirelessly for up to 14 hours.

Of course, it can be used as a professional conference call unit for hands-free or group settings. There’s also a convenient USB port for an emergency recharge, in case you got the CHARGELink handy. Yeah, you knew that was going to work its way back.

Anyway, you can get it for purchase on the Native Union site for about $129.99.

Native Union Reviews: The Gripster for the iPad, MONOCLE, and the Key Cable

Monocle GripsterLast January, at CES 2014, I managed to get a good look at some Native Union products. I was pretty impressed with what I saw, and now, almost one year later, I got a chance to review the Gripster, the MONOCLE, and the Key Cable.

I’ll start with the Gripster, a multi-functional grip, stand, and handle for the iPad Air. I will be honest that I have seen products in the past with these features, but the Gripster has all of them at once. The Gripster has a cover that is magnetic, and is similar to the one that Apple unveiled a few iPad models ago. These are those magnetic ones that stick on the cover and come in all cool colors, rolling back to make a stand. This one rolls up in a perfect roll.

Yeah, you don’t need the roll up stand to prop up your iPad for video viewing, because this has a handle that can do that, in portrait and landscape mode. The handle can be used for carrying it around like a mini-briefcase. You can also slip your fingers through the Gripster and use the iPad with just one hand.

In short, the Gripster is an iPad accessory with a lot of accessories. You can get it on the Native Union website for about $39.99 in all kinds of colors for the iPad Air and iPad Air Mini.

Native Union MonocleAs for the MONOCLE, I am not certain why it is in all caps. It might have something to do with the fact that it is a stereo speaker with a 40 mm driver. Actually, it is a “speaker, handset, and speakerphone”.

So not only will it enhance the sound on your smartphone, but you can use it to make calls. That is kind of a standard for most smartphone Bluetooth speakers. This one is wired only, but here’s a nifty feature: you can daisy chain up to 10 of these together, resulting in some superior noise. That is not bad. By the way, you can control the volume by twisting it.

Well, this is one very interesting product, and you can see why I wanted to review it. You can get it on the Native Union site for about $39.99 in many colors.

Native Union key cableAnd last we have the Key Cable. Again, this is a device that I have seen before, a small charging cord that can fit on a keychain in case you really need juice.

As you can see, this Key Cable comes with a ball of paracord. If you aren’t into paracord bracelet, don’t worry, I think the fad is still going. I know my wife and daughter like to make paracord bracelets, and this formation is called a “monkey fist”.

The one that you see here is made for iDevices, but it also comes with a micro USB version if that floats your boat. The one for iPod, iPhone, and iPad Lightning connect is available on the Native Union site for about $29.99.