Our Review of Pure Gear Extreme Impact Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8

Everyone wants some extra protection for their screen, and this product promises to protect your screen-guaranteed. This is the Pure Gear Extreme Impact Screen Protector, and we happen to have been sent the one for the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

There is a version that is tempered glass, but checking out other videos on YouTube, tempered glass does not seem to be the way to go on Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protectors. The tempered glass ones are more expensive anyway.

The biggest feature of this screen protector is the Perfect Alignment Tray. The video below shows how easy it is to put on your phone. From Amazon.com reviews, there seems to be mixed reviews, and some have complained of bubbles.  We suggest that you make sure the screen is totally clean and dry before trying to apply it.

The list price for this product is $29.99 on the PureGear site. Checking out Amazon, I saw lower listed prices. It’s good to shop around. There is a Lifetime warranty offered by PureGear, and it seems the company cares about the customer’s satisfaction.

ZNitro Glass Screen Protectors

We were sent these tempered glass screen protectors from ZNitro to review. ZNitro cases are claimed to be Hammer Testedâ„¢, scratch proof, resistant to smudges and fingerprints, and have superior hardness.

Here’s a video that shows how to apply, and shows the hammer test as well as its scratch resistance.

I did not do the hammer test on my phone. I did place the protector on my phone to see how well my finger could glide over the screen, and found that to be smoother than the current protector- which is plastic. My phone is different from the style provided to us(iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus), so I did not try applying it.

There are mixed reviews on Amazon about these screen protectors. Some have found that they chip and crack easy(but they have saved the phone’s screen. One person replaced the product 4 times in six months and paid $12.99 each time with the warranty ZNitro provides. Several people complained that the screen interfered with some phone functions(calls were muted, light sensor, etc.), but that could be due to improper fitting on their phone. Others had no complaints at all.

The screen covers come in a variety of colors for the iPhone and Galaxy S4, but for the S5 and other styles of phones, it is limited to clear, black, or white. Most screens run at about $39.99 on the ZNitro website. You can also opt for a privacy screen on some for $10 more. Amazon.com seems to be selling these for around $20.