Simplehuman 8-inch Round Sensor Mirror

I’m going to have to say that I believe that Simplehuman is one of those companies that really can make a home a home. You know how some people have IKEA furniture all over their place, and it makes their home a little less classy as a result? If there was a house with Simplehuman products all over, I believe it would make a home more classy.

After all, I think we all need products like the Foam Cartridge Sensor Pump, another great Simplehuman product that we had the opportunity to review. I believe that there would be many a bathroom that would benefit from this 8-inch Round Sensor Mirror, which we also had the opportunity to review.

The Sensor is for what happens when you get close to it, as the ring of light around it will illuminate. If it is somehow too bright, you can turn down the brightness by tracing your finger around the side, and it will adjust.

Believe me, that light is helpful. It can go from 100 to 800 lux, and the mirror itself is 5x magnification. I’m not one for doing make-up in the mirror, but something like this could really help out if you need to put your “face on”. Just a word of warning, the circle of light that the sensor mirror makes creates this odd ring effect on the eyes. It kind of reminds me of the way the replicant eyes would kind of glow in Blade Runner.

In case you are wondering where the light comes from, it is rechargeable via micro USB cord. I am told that one charge is good for five weeks, which means that you can use this for quite a while before you have to plug it in again.

So, yes, I would recommend this product from the get-go. It is available for purchase without any shipping for about $200.00 on the Simplehuman site.

Simplehuman Part 2: The Sensor Mirror

SimpleHuman MirrorNow that I wrote about the Rechargeable Sensor Pump yesterday, I figure that I can cover another home accessory from Simplehuman, the Sensor Mirror.

The Sensor Mirror is made of stainless steel, and it feels at home in any type of room. In front of the mirror is a sensor that will turn the ring of light on if you step in front of it, and yet somehow knows when to shut off.

Now here’s the thing: you may not like what you see. You see, the mirror magnifies at about 5x, so it is an amazing close-up. The light is also good for simulating natural sunlight, and it shows just about every pore (whether you like it or not). For those who do make-up (which is not me) this is the mirror for it.

Like the Rechargeable Sensor Pump, the Sensor Mirror is USB chargeable. You might have to take it to a USB port for charging every once in a while, but it is a pretty good product on many levels.

You can purchase the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror on the Simplehuman site for about $200.00. This concludes our Simplehuman series, but I really want to review more from this company, honestly.