Phone Cases from Tech21 to protect your iPhone X and Galaxy S9

It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed products from Tech21, but they are a good company if you are looking for some cases and protection for your phones. They have sent us some more cases to consider and tell you about. So get ready for our assessment of four different Tech21 cases.


This classy looking case looks like leather, but it’s really “Vegan Leather,” or what seems to be some PVC material. It kind of has a leather smell, but I don’t know if that’s chemicals I am smelling. The drop protection on this black case is made of 3 layers with ribs on surrounding the sides of the case on the inside. This design with FlexShock is said to protect your phone from 12 ft. drops. The lip wraps around the front so you can place the phone face down and have protection. The part that covers the buttons on the sides are not very prominent, and might be a little tougher to maneuver than other cases I have seen.

If this ultra-slim, 1.8mm thick case that works well for wireless charging appeals to you, you can find it for $49.95 on their website. We were sent the case for Samsung Galaxy S9, but it’s also available for iPhone 8 and up.


This case is good for those looking for something to totally envelop their phone. It contains the same FlexShock drop protection from 12 ft. This one, though, has a leather- like front (maybe this one is actually leather) that wraps around your phone. There is a clasp to close it on the side. It seems a little difficult to open and close the clasp. That may get easier with time. I can see it becoming problematic if you want to access your phone in a hurry, but there are cutouts and buttons so that you can answer calls with the cover still on. The tactile buttons on the left side, again, are not very prominent.

A cool feature is the ability to carry a couple of credit cards in a concealed compartment in the front of the phone. The case comes in pink or black, and they have different textures. I can’t tell what the texture of the black case is, but it definitely has a different texture from what I see. We received the pink case. This one for the Galaxy S9 is $49.95. It is the same price for iPhones, and from reviews I have seen on those, there is a way to take the Folio cover off and just use the basic case. I don’t see that on the case for the Samsung Galaxy S9, though.

Tech21 PureClear

If you want a clear case for your phone, this could be the one for you. It has a 10 ft. drop protection of two layers- the ribs like the cases above, and BulletShield material, which is used in bulletproof glass. It’s thin(1.2mm), and can be charged wirelessly. It also says that the case resists UV damage for longer and therefore won’t yellow. The button covers on this case seem much better to me than the others.

This case, also available for other phones has a cost of $39.95 on the Tech 21 website.

Tech21 EVO Check Evoke Edition

Finally, the last case we are about to review is a beautiful way to protect your phone. In this case, we received the iPhone X cover in clear and blue. It also comes in pink, with red flowers.

This case also has the FlexShock impact protection, and has a promised protection of 10 ft. drops. Again, a thin, light-weight design for easy access to wireless charging. The back of the case has a texture with checks, and the floral design that really stands out. This design costs $49.95, and this Evoke edition only seems to come for the iPhone 7 and up, but the Evo Check is available for other phones as well.

That concludes our review of these phone cases. Our usual disclaimer- these cases were sent to us for free to review in exchange for our fair and unbiased analysis. No other compensation has been given.

Tech21 Technology’s Classic Trio, Classic Shell, and Impact Mesh

Tech 21I have had a chance to try out Tech21 technology products before, and they make some very quality products. The color orange is a huge factor, as it is on their packaging and their products. The Orange is some D30 impact material that is that type of putty you can put on your finger, strike with a hammer, and you won’t feel it.

The first item that I will review is the Classic Trio Band Case for the iPhone 6. This is a bumper more of a case, in other words, it is made to protect the sides. These were pretty popular back when the iPhone 4 started having that problem where you couldn’t hold it a certain way.

So, the Classic Trio has Impactology, and I’ll explain what that is later. You should be able to get the Classic Trio for the iPhone 6 for about $29.99 here.

Tech 21 Classic ShellThe next case that I had a chance to review was the Classic Shell with Cover. I think this would be a good time to talk about that whole Impactology that I mentioned earlier.

Impactology is the process that that all the products are subjected to make certain they can withstand the hardness that is life. It is related to the orange material that I mentioned earlier, and it no doubt the secret of Tech21’s success.

Anyway, the Classic Shell is essentially a case for the iPhone Plus, not like the “bumper case” that was the Trio. The Cover is a flap that will protect the front of the iPhone 6 Plus while the D30 material will protect the back. You can get the Classic Shell with Cover for the iPhone 6 Plus for $44.99 on the Tech21 site here.

Tech21The last case that I reviewed is the Impact Mesh case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 case. It is a slim-fitting case that feels very rubbery, and it seems to be transparent enough to perceive some odd mesh pattern, hence the name.

You should be able to get the Tech21 Samsung Galaxy S5 Case with Impact mesh for about $34.99 here. While you are at it, just go to the Tech21 site and see what else they got there.

Hands on with Tech 21’s Impactology Cases and Impact Shields

impact-mesh-sgs4-clear-05While I was at CTIA last month, I had a chance to see Tech 21 at a booth, and I was impressed with what they had.

Tech21 uses D3O, which is some really cool orange putty which allows the user to put some on their finger and hammer it. Seriously, I have a video after the jump so you can see this for yourself.

What you see in the image here to the left is the Impact Mesh for the Galaxy S4. The Orange stuff that you see here is the 3DO putty. When this D3O is hit, it absorbs the force and disperses the energy away from the device. This means that the sides of your S4 are well protected.

The Impact Mesh Cases are able to cover the back of the phone, and they don’t make the phone look too bulky. You can find the cover by the Galaxy S4 here for about £29.99. Now let’s talk about the Impact Shield after the jump.

impact-shield-ip5Yes, I have reviewed products like the Impact Shield before, and I think everyone needs one. These are pretty easy to apply, and they are bubble free, with self-healing anti-scratch technology.

It has a BulletShield with a BASF protection interlayer, and it is thin with an optimum touch sensitivity. The best part is that the screen protector doesn’t add more volume to the phone.

You can get these Impact Shields on the Tech 21 site for £19.99 for various smartphones. That previous link was for iPhone 5.