Black and Decker Platinum 20V Max Drill/Driver

Black and Decker pLDX120P-2_300x300.ashxI am almost ready to declare this Power Tools Week with the Snakelight I reviewed yesterday from Black and Decker. I also had another chance to review another Black and Decker product with the Platinum 20V MAX Drill/Driver.

The 20V MAX Drill/Driver has an 11 position clutch, but I will have to say that only the discerning can tell the difference. I am told that this can prevent stripping and over driving of screws, and that, I like.

Here are some other specs: the 20V battery can hold a charge for 18 months, and there is an LED work light to illuminate work, in case you don’t have the Snakelight. Yeah, there’s a plug for you.

But enough about the specs, this is a power tool. The real question is does it give you the feeling of power? To that I answer: yes. Yes, it is awesome in the hand, and you can see the sparks work on the inside. Dang, it even smells electric, like my old electric trains. Got to love those sparks.

home_improvement_tim_taylorAs someone who only likes power tools, I would have to say that I might not be the best to comment on them. So check out that pic of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, and I’m guessing that he wants to forget about Binford and get his hands on some Platinum.

I figured that people are starting to think about Christmas, and what better gift for the males than power tools? This one costs $129.99 and is available on the Platinum site.

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