BlueBee Pals Leo the Lion, a Talking Educational Learning Tool

bluebee-petsIt seems like I am filled to the brim with reviewing educational toys, and this one is the Bluebee Pals. Before I get to the review, I would like to thank whoever sent it to me, because it came to my door without any warning. So here is our review of Leo the Lion.

I suppose that the best way that I can describe our Leo the Lion is just compare him to Teddy Ruxpin. Yeah, you probably saw that one coming, as this is how my wife described it when I showed it to her. If you are not familiar with Teddy Ruxpin, it was a Teddy Bear with a tape recorder on his back. When you put in specially made tapes, his lips would move with the dialogue.

Leo The Lion, as well as other animals in the Bluebee Pals collection, has the same basic ability. However, it is made for the age of smartphones and tablets, and it will sync via Bluetooth to any Apple or Android device. Not only will it read a story to your youngster, but he or she can see it acted out on the screen.

Some might find that a little weird, but people have been saying that since the days of … Teddy Ruxpin. Of course, no machine can take place of a parent, and if you need a reminder, the parent doesn’t say things like “remind to charge”. Yeah, you do need to charge this thing with the included USB Micro-charger cable.

You can get Leo the Lion on the Bluebee Pals site for $64.99. You can also find his friends Hudson the Puppy, Riley the Zebra, Parker the Monkey, and Sammy the Bear for the same price.

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