Our Review of the AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen

Atmosflare gunI don’t know if you have heard of a pen known as the 3Doodler, but it is a 3D drawing pen. I have been trying for about two years to obtain a review unit of this product, but they did not respond to me. Today, I got a chance to try out the AtmosFlare, and I’m going to recommend it and not the 3Doodler out of spite alone.

Okay, that was probably going too far, but I’m guessing that there will be more than two brands of this 3D Drawing Pen. The way that these products work involve drawing out with liquid plastic. You can’t exactly draw on the air, but it is possible to make a solid base, and the create something from that.

IMAG0452I learned that trick from my daughter, who had a chance to try it out. She showed me that the way the AtmosFlare works is that you load up an ink refill cartridge, and you squeeze it out to get the liquid plastic, through one of the few tips provided. Once the plastic is out, you shine the ultraviolet light on it, and it will harden.

As you can see, it is possible to make 3D shapes like a rectangular solid, like what is being shown in the picture on the right. It might look a little skewed in some places, but this is due to it can be difficult to master getting the gel out. There are times when it is easy to wipe the residue off and start over when the gun jams, and this can happen due to user error.

AF_projects_skullThere is no question that there is a lot that can be done with the AtmosFlare 3D pen. This is why I am concluding with this final shot, which I definitely did not do. My daughter is a much more talented artist and could do this eventually, and it probably wouldn’t take her too long to be at this level.

You can get it for a pretty low price for about $29.99 on the Order AtmosFlare site. I don’t know how long the Ink Refill Cartridge is, but I suppose that it is enough to fit in there. The Refills are about $5.99.

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