This Lego Keyboard has Interchangeable Keys

Lego keyboardOf course I want this in front of my computer right now, but hey, that’s probably not going to happen. This is a project from Jason Allemann, who somehow manged to create a keyboard with interchangeable brick keys.

In case you are wondering why anyone would do this, the real question is, why wouldn’t you want to do this? Of course, I am assuming that you have to program the keys here. You can’t just put the “S” on another key and expect it to work, do you?

I do like the idea of programming your keys, and putting Lego on it to designate what key it is. Of course, I don’t know if these keys are flat, which would change some things, wouldn’t it? After all, the keys on my keyboard are kind of curved to accommodate my fingertips.

Sadly, I don’t if this will ever be mass-produced. Please, someone just give me a price.


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