All the big tech and Gadget News from 2015!

Now that the New Year is almost here, it is time to talk about what happened this year.

Well, we know the big movie news, Star Wars Episode VII was released.

I also learned that Betamax was dead. Should I be surprised?

BlackBerry had this new Android phone known as The Priv.

We all celebrated Back to the Future II Day back in October.

Apparently, Playboy will no longer will be doing nudes anymore.

I reported on Facebook doing Reaction Emojis, has anything more happened with that? Speaking of Facebook, remember that Profile tool thing?

When Google announced their rollout of the new version of Android, they talked about the Pixel C tablet.

Remember that cool Red Supermoon? It was the same day when we found out there was water on the Red Planet.

Anyone remember the boy with a clock that everyone thought was a bomb? Yeah, I’m trying to forget it too.

We’ve got something going on with the PlayStation VR.

Then there was that whole Ashley Madison thing. Here’s my feelings about it, Part One and Part Two.

Microsoft attempted a world takeover by giving the world free Windows 10.

There were some big announcements from Sony and Microsoft at E3 2015, but not much from Nintendo.

Well, this was news for me, but I got a chance to do a presentation at MomoCon.

I don’t know if you heard, but LG made a TV that is less than a 1 mm thick.

LG launched their new flagship with the LG G4. This was around the same time that Sony announced the Z4. Around where the Huawei P8 was unveiled.

Remember that dumb “What Color is the Dress”? Should you?

I’ve been writing a lot about No Zelda game in 2015, that was supposed to come this year for the Wii U.

Apple had a “Spring Forward” event to announce the Apple Watch and more.

There were a lot of announcements at Mobile World Congress 2015.

I had a chance to try out the HTC Vive, and I liked them, a lot. They are the VR device to look out for.

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