Christmas goes too far at Boston Dynamics?

Okay, I’m not certain when Christmas decorating goes out of control. Personally, I think technology can really do a number with some Christmas lights, as you’ve probably seen that cool house that is decorated to flash to “Wizards In Winter”.

I have reported about Boston Dynamics before, and they are famous for making the four legged Wildcat robot. Think of them as miniature versions of the AT-AT from Star Wars but real. Now imagine them pulling Santa’s sleigh.

A lot of people find this a little creepy, and I’m going to have to say yes on that. I can’t imagine any place where this would come across as cute. Heck, if I saw this coming toward me, I might open fire. Maybe I would wish for some Christmas fairies to circle these things legs with thin cable.

Okay, I have had enough berating this. In another few years, this could be a regular Christmas tradition.


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