Ditto from Simple Matters makes Notifications a Simple Matter

DittoYou see that title, I realize how unprofessional this sounds, but I really like it. And honestly, I hope that it conveys how great a device Ditto from Simple Matters is.

The Ditto is a small tiny…thing (yeah, I don’t really know how to describe it) that is made for silent notifications. It doesn’t give you a tone or anything, because it does vibration and stuff. So it can let you know when you have an email, text, or whatever you program it to do. In short, it is an Apple Watch, without the big price.

To complete the role of smartwatch, it comes with a wristband that is quality engineered. This guy never needs charging, has no buttons, and you can wear it anywhere.

You should be able to purchase the Ditto on Amazon for about $39.95 in Black, Clear, or White.

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