Dogs can drive now thanks to SPCA promotion

Okay, this is pretty interesting, and I guess I am reporting on it because it is so darn cute. In case you are wondering, the headline is true.

Just to let you know, it doesn’t look like this is part of some scientific experiment to teach dogs how to drive or anything. This is a promotion from the New Zealand SPCA, to show how smart shelter dogs are.

You can watch a video after the jump, and you can see that there is a Mini Clubman modified for dogs with a padded wheel and gear shift. All the controls are for the hands or, in this case, paws.

I suppose that Porter, Ginny, and Monty will be dogs that will be adopted soon. I’m not certain if driving dogs will be some sort of trend, but if it is, I suppose I have to imagine a world with doggie drivers. These dogs will have their heads out their windows, I would imagine.


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