Hands on with the Skull Candy PLYR 2 Gaming Headphones

I found that Skull Candy makes some very fine earphones, and I was fortunate that I got a chance to try out the PLYR2 wireless headphones, specifically designed for gamers.

The PLYR 2 has some incredible sound, and it is made for XBox 360, PS3, and PC. It has EQ3 Equilizer tones that account for its very good sound.

The PLYR 2 achieves its wireless capability with its GMX Stereo Transmitter. I was pretty impressed that it paired so easily, even though I thought I messed it up. It seems like pairing gets easier every time that I do it.

I’m not certain whether you can see this, but the volume controls are on the side. You can also see the pivoting boom mic, which comes in handy for when you are trash talking other gamers.

All in all, I would say that the PLYR 2 headphones from Skull Candy will impress the most serious of gamers. I will let you decide if they are worth the price of $129.95. If you want to try and get in on this, head over to the Skull Candy site here.

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